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Dried Fruits Sales Page

We specialise in Dried Fruit Naturals which are sulphur free and have a very unique taste and a mighty flavour!

O'Reilly's dried fruit is produced from tree ripened fruit throughout the growing season from a wide variety of peaches, plums, nectarines, pears and predominately Moorpark Apricots.



“Jackies Summer Medley Naturals ”


Our prices per pack are:

Apricots - 250g - $12.50

Plums - 250g - $12.50

Pears - 250g - $12.50

Nectarines - 250g - $12.50

Apples - 150g - $8.50

Peaches - 250g - $15.00250g - $10.00

Tomato - 100g - $8.50

Summer Medley - 250g - $13.50

Please note that sulphur free fruit carries less water than sulphured, so you are actually getting more fruit per gram of weight.

Please email us to order and for further information. We will confirm and give you our direct deposit details.

By mail to anywhere in Australia, the most economical means is by Australia Post Satchels which are able to accommodate 500g, 1kg, 2kg  & 4kg parcels of dried fruit.

Postage using this service is by regular or express:

Small 500g - $9.95

Medium 1kg - $13.50

Large 2kg - $17.00

Extra Large 4kg - $20.50

We can mix your order as you request.

Please enquire for express postage costs.




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   “Delicious Dried Organic Peaches”

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