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I'm hoping this section of the site will develop into something informative and insightful.  I plan on adding to it regularly, as the writing bug hits me, and in so doing, it should deliver a genuine, year round account of the property happenings.... the joys and frustrations! Feel free to make any comments or ask questions by using the contact page.

Oreillys News Update December 2022

It is a long time since I have written anything for this page. I feel now as I am updating my website that some explanation is needed in the context of some of my writings.

O’Reilly’s Orchard began as a grand dream that many couples have of a country escape and a beautiful, happy lifestyle that also resulted in a small modest income. We had that for nearly 30 years. David passed away in 2021.

I have continued to manage our property. I have taken the time to reflect and consider my options. Thus far I am unable to see another pathway for myself. I guess that I have always been up for an adventure and a challenge and so the dream continues and I can’t say it’s been easy but I love where I live and the way that this place speaks to me.

So as we approach another summer season of busyness the fruit trees are doing their thing and the vegetable gardens are being planted up. The harvest vibe excites me and I look forward to supplying you with the new season’s wealth of tasty fresh produce.

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O'Reilly's Orchard

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